40 Days of Purpose

Tuesday, Day 18

  • by Katie Berglee
photo by Ted Wilcox

Take a moment to make an internal inventory of your life and heart. This week we have reflected on our deep need for forgiveness.

Which of your default settings have come to the surface this week? If specific names or emotions come up, write them down and make time to talk with God about those items soon.

For now, think about His grace in light of your need. We are not worthy. We love Him because He first loved us. He pursues. He loves. He asks for us to depend on Him fully and live our lives in gratitude.

Will you follow the woman’s example in this passage and pour out a beautiful perfume on Jesus’s feet? Throughout the Old and New Testament when sin-filled people brought a humble offering to God, it is often stated that the aroma was pleasing to Him.

Consider ending your time today in a prayer-offering to Jesus. Maybe you could say something like this:

I identify with _______ in Luke’s passage. When left to my own choices, my heart is set on rebellion against You. I see it show up in my life in these ways:_____________.

God, I’m sorry. I know my sin is a slap in your loving face. The sinful attitudes/choices/words I choose in my rebellion create a barrier between you and me.

Thank you for continuing to open your arms to me in forgiveness. Thank you that because of your finished work on the cross you can separate me from my sin.

Lord, your character is unchanging. You are ___(rehearse something that is true about Him)_________. I want to live in light of my forgiven state with you.

In Luke, You said, “he who has been forgiven of little loves little.” Help me to remember the depths you went to in redeeming me from my rebellion. I, ____, have been forgiven of much. That truth reorients my life.





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