The Joy of Hospitality

Fun ideas for evangelistic entertaining

  • by Greg Stoughton



What is it?

  • 252 page book
  • A practical, easy-to-use guide for how to plan, set up and host a coffee, brunch, dessert, or dinner in your home
  • Includes recipes, schedules, sample invitations
  • An instructional aide for preparing and communicating your personal testimony and giving a non-threatening, clear presentation of the gospel.
  • Created by Vonette Bright and Barbara Ball

How to use it?

  • Glean ideas for opening your home in joyful hospitality as an effective way to build bridges to those who need Christ. On your own or with a Christian friend, follow the instruction given to plan, set-up, and host an in-home evangelistic event. Teach principles from the book as part of a women’s small group or Sunday school class. Use the content on how to prepare and give your personal testimony to help equip believers in any number of settings.

Why to Use it?

  • Simple, practical help for learning hospitality
  • Basic training in how to tell your faith story and present the gospel
  • To help develop ministry skills

Where to get it?