Struggle and Triumph DVD

Use Olympic athletes' stories to communicate the gospel.

  • by Evangeline Vergo



What is it?

  • 26 minute high-quality DVD
  • 6 interviews and footage of Olympic athletes
  • An explanation of the gospel by the athletes
  • An invitation to become a Christian
  • DVD plays in 36 languages
  • Created by Athletes in Action
  • For a list of languages and a DVD preview, visit

How to use it:

Give this DVD to people and encourage them to watch it. Use the popularity of the Olympics and athletes to pass out the DVD at sporting events or other outreaches. Be aware, this movie contains footage of Disi Disudonne's experience during the Rwandan genocide.

Why use it:

  • Olympic athletes are heroes with a unique influence.
  • This DVD highlights athletes from 6 countries and 6 sports giving it broad appeal.
  • The athletes' stories are real and emphasize topics that most people can relate to, like loss, pride and public service.
  • The gospel presentation by the athletes at the end is easy to understand.
  • Giving away this DVD is a simple and natural way to share the gospel.

Where to get it:

Athletes in Action Store

For orders greater than 50, please contact

What people think:

10,000 copies of Struggle and Triumph are available to churches in Singapore and being distributed by the International Sports Coalition.

Campus Crusade in Japan is planning to use 40,000 copies of Struggle and Triumph with the JESUS film in Sapporo, Kanto, Fukuoka, Okinawa and Tokyo.

Campus Crusade in Bulgaria is getting 10,000 copies to give to their Olympic teams, officials and government personnel.





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