La Búsqueda (The Search) DVD

Use short films to spark spiritual conversations

By Sarah Freyermuth

Category: Evangelism

What is it?

How to use it:

Show one or more of the films to your audience. Using the provided questions, guide a discussion about each film and its content, beginning with initial reactions and continuing on to personal and spiritual relevance. Present the gospel message through personal testimony or some other method.

Why to use it:

Where to get it:

The JESUS Film store

What people think:

"Using the short films causes me to get excited and passionate about sharing with my non-Christian peers in a non-threatening, tasteful way. It creates spiritual conversations so quickly and naturally that it makes me, and younger Christians in my life, want to use it more often." -- Matt Robinson, Michigan State University

"These are not cheesy religious movies, but instead are art films that tell really good stories. Watching the films won't get you to the gospel, but the good stuff comes from talking about the films and what they mean. From those conversations, it's easy to share [with others] how they can know about a relationship with Christ." -- Marcus Key, Indianapolis