The Journey – Bible Study series

Teach others the basics in 6 weeks

By Sarah Freyermuth

Category: Discipleship

What is it?

How to use it:

Complete weekly lessons in a small-group Bible study or one-to-one mentoring setting. Provided text and questions will guide the discussion through 6 critical aspects of the Christian faith. This study can also be used during personal times with God.

Why to use it:

Where to get it:

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What people think:

"The Journey is a great way for new Christians and mature Christians to learn about each other while gaining a better understanding of the foundations of Christianity.  It is important to be reminded of the principles that are learned first and are the basis of what we believe." -- Rachel Shaw, from Burke, Va.

"The Journey Bible study series is an engaging, relevant and effective resource to students of African and African-American descent. The content is biblically sound, challenges readers in their faith and is communicated in a way that connects to their experiences." -- Melody Copenny, from Orlando, Fla.