Telling Others About Your Faith (DVD)

Learn how to tell others about your faith confidently

  • by Jess Fong



What is it?

  • 5 training DVDs 
  • 1 promotional DVD
  • 16-page small group leader's training guide 
  • 48-page Explore leader's guide 
  • 48-page Explore workbook 
  • Created by FamilyLife

How to use it:

Over 5 weeks, view each DVD in a small group setting. Discuss and pray with your group about how to practically apply the weekly lessons. Set up creative times to put into action what you have learned as a group.

Why use it:

  • Easy-to-use materials provide instruction, support and insight designed to maximize interaction within the small group.
  • Minimal leadership preparation needed.
  • Builds encouraging community.
  • Enables adults to answer many of life's hardest questions like, "Is there a God?" and "How do you know?"
  • Equips each user to practically explain his or her faith with confidence.

Where to get it:

What people think:

"If you're a follower [of Christ], you need to be prepared to share your faith with the people God brings into your life. God asks us to be obedient in that. Explore makes you feel accomplished so that you can do that."
-- Sarah Bowden, Little Rock, Ark.

"Explore helped me share my faith by allowing me to have confidence, giving me a way to talk about Christ and the Bible, to help people understand how the Bible and Christ are real, and to lead them to a place that they can make a decision that they are confident in."
-- Roy Neblett, Little Rock, Ark.

"If you're looking for a way that you can share your faith effectively, there is no better tool."
-- Gene Davis, Little Rock, Ark.