What's Involved in Preparing for STINT?

(Short Term International)

  • by Human Resources

Note: If you're looking to go on a STINT with the U.S. Campus Ministry, find out more about the Campus Ministry STINT opportunity.

Application Deadlines

Application materials must be received by HRX at least 6 months before you would like to report to your STINT assignment.

Making the Initial Application

  • Fill out the International Human Resources STINT application online (choose the job title "HRX Stint").
  • Once you complete and submit the application, you will be asked to complete an elaboration form
    and attach it to your application.
  • The references you provide in your application will receive an e-mail with a link to fill in their
    reference form, including instructions on how to send it back to us.

Follow-up Material

  • We may ask you for additional information regarding your application.

International Placement Profile

  • If you are applying to serve in a sensitive country you will be asked to complete an International Placement Profile (IPP). This will be mailed to you from HRX.
  • You will send the completed IPP to an outside evaluator.
  • After we receive the results of your IPP, we will discuss the results with you as well as any other matters related to your international assignment. We will send you a summary sheet
    of the IPP for your records.
  • There is a $325 processing fee each. The fee will be calculated into your total support goals and will be deducted from your Cru account.

Acceptance Decision

  • It may take 4-6 weeks from the time we receive a completed application (which includes the application, all references, and the elaboration form) and the IPP summary for you to receive a
    decision from the evaluator. Stinters who are applying for a teaching position must also apply and receive acceptance from the school in which they wish to teach. This may require additional time.


  • Placement will be decided in cooperation with the international leadership of Cru. Your specific placement may or may not be confirmed at the time of your international

Ministry Partner Development (MPD)

  • It is necessary that Cru staff raise the funds necessary to serve. Upon receiving an Accept decision, your support goals will be set by the International Human Resources team based on your international placement.
  • You will be given MPD materials to assist you. You will need 100% of your support before being released to report to your international assignment.


  • Upon your acceptance, a packet of employment paperwork will be sent to you.
  • HRX will work with you to determine when you will be signed up to receive salary and benefits coverage. This will depend upon the departure date for your assignment.

Pre-Field Orientation - For Teachers

  • Those serving as teachers will need to raise additional support to cover PFO (Pre-Field Orientation) and are required to attend the 12 day Pre-Field Orientation for Third Culture Kids (PFO) which
    occurs in July. More information will be sent to you concerning PFO.

Cross-cultural Training

  • Cross-cultural training is required for all Stinters with school age children. Children are required to attend CCT with their parents. The X-Track session runs during the months of June/July. It is recommended that you have 80% of your support raised before attending X-Track. Your MPD coach will work with you on when you attend.
  • More specific information about X-Track will be mailed to you approximately 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the session that you will attend.

Stint Briefing

  • The receiving ministry determines if attendance at the Stint Briefing in August is required. You should plan on attending unless you are told otherwise. Support for the Briefing will be calculated into
    your support goals.

Clearance and Reporting to your International Assignment

You will be approved to leave for your assignment as soon as the following requirements are met:

  1. Your monthly and special financial support goals are met.
  2. All paperwork is in.
  3. HRX gives you clearance to buy your tickets and depart.


If you have questions about the international application/placement procedure, please contact us.





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