All Destinations

AIA Puerto Rico Project

ATX Summer Mission

Adventures with Urban Youth: Urban Summit Adventures

Alaska: Anchorage

Alaska: Juneau

Australia: Melbourne (Mid-Atlantic)

Australia: Perth (Upper Midwest)

Australia: Sydney (Bridges & GNW partnership)

Badlands Summer Mission


Boston Bridges Summer Mission

Boston Echo

Boston Project

Boston Summer Mission

Botswana: Gaborone (Mid-Atlantic)

Brazil - Florianopolis (Great Lakes)

Brazil - VisionTrust

Brazil : Sao Paulo (SE)

Breakthrough (NE)

Central Asia (Mid-Atlantic)

Central Asia (MidSouth)

Central Asia (MidSouth) 2-Week TREK

Central Asia Bridges Summer Mission

Central Asia Deaf Ministry

Charleston Historic Summer Mission


Chicago Summer Institute of Faith and Work

Clearwater Beach

Colorado Ops Summer Mission

Croatia: Split (Great Lakes)

Crossroads in Chicago

Cru Legal Internship

Cru Medical: Côte d'Ivoire

Cru Semester Internship - Fall

Cru Study Abroad (Fall)

Cru Study Abroad (Spring)

Cru Study Abroad (Summer)

Cyprus (MidSouth) Louisville

Czech Republic-Prague (High School Ministry)

Czech Republic: Prague (MidSouth)

Czech Republic: Prague (MidSouth) 2-Week TREK

Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa (GPI)

Daytona Beach

Desert Springs & Breakthrough(Great Lakes)

Destino: Mediterranean

Destino: Vail

Detroit Summer Mission

Dominican Republic (Liberty University)

Dominican Republic - VisionTrust (GPI)

East Asia (ASU/UofA-PSW)

East Asia (Auburn)

East Asia (Bama)

East Asia (Epic Movement)

East Asia (GNW)

East Asia (High School Ministry)

East Asia (Mid-Atlantic)

East Asia (MidSouth)

East Asia (MidSouth) 2-Week TREK

East Asia (MidSouth) Campbellsville University

East Asia (MidSouth) NC State University

East Asia (MidSouth) UNC Chapel Hill

East Asia (NE)

East Asia (SE Region)

East Asia (SLO-PSW)

East Asia (UCLA-PSW)

East Asia - GCU (PSW)

East Asia 1 (Great Lakes)

East Asia Bridges Summer Mission

East Asia GBC A (Grace Bible)

East Asia: (Austin Stone)

East Asia: Baylor (Red River)

East Asia: Central Arkansas (Red River)

East Asia: Grace (Grace Waco)

East Asia: Horizons (GPI)

East Asia: Houston (Red River)

East Asia: New Life (New Life)

East Asia: TAMU A (Red River)

East Asia: The Hood (Upper Midwest)

East Asia: U of A (Red River)

East Asia: UTSA (Red River)

East Asia: Wayside (Wayside Chapel)

Ecuador : Quito (SE)

Ecuador-Quito (High School Ministry)

Ecuador: Guayaquil (Great Lakes)

Educators Summer Mission (For College Students)

Ethiopia (Red River Region)

FamilyLife Headquarters Summer Mission

Foot of the Rockies

France: Paris (Upper Midwest)

Gateway Project (Great Lakes)

Germany: Berlin "Maymester" (Great Lakes)

Germany: Munich (Great Lakes)

Greece - GCU (PSW)

Greece: Athens (GPI)

Greece: Athens (Red River)

Greece: Ioannina (Grace Bible Greeks)

Greece: Ioannina (Grace Bible)

Greek Summit

Greek Summit Breckenridge

Hampton Beach, NH

Healthcare Student Mission / Whole Person Care Preceptorship

Hungary-Budapest (High School Ministry)

Hungary-SpeakOut (High School Ministry)

In the City, For the City: Omaha 1

In the City, for the City: Kansas City

Inner City/Destino: Los Angeles

Inner City: Barcelona

Inner City: Chicago

Inner City: Milwaukee

Italy : Rome (SE)

Italy: Bologna (Red River)

Jackson Hole, WY

Japan (Epic Movement)

Japan - GCU (High School Ministry)

Japan: Tokyo A (PSW)

Japan: Tokyo B (PSW)

Jersey Shore Express

Jesus Film African Adventure Burkina Faso (1377) Dec

Jesus Film African Adventure Ivory Coast (1381) May

Jesus Film African Adventure Sierra Leone (1394) Jun

Jesus Film Ancient Kingdoms (1409) Oct

Jesus Film Crossroads of Time (1401) Jun

Jesus Film Desert Journey Lighthouse 2 (1404) Oct

Jesus Film Golden Hope Venture 2 (1382) Oct

Jesus Film International Recording Team (IRT)

Jesus Film Latin American Adventure - Argentina (1400) Nov

Jesus Film Latin American Adventure - Panama (1388) Oct

Jesus Film London Bridges 2 One Week (1372) Jul

Jesus Film London Bridges 4 One Week (1408) Aug

Jesus Film Love Japan 2017 (1383) Dec

Jesus Film Mission Trip Leader Internship (1355)

Jesus Film Mountain Rivers (1367) Oct

Jesus Film Nomadic Trail (1387) Sep

Jesus Film Quest to Kathmandu (1379) Nov

Jesus Film South Pacific Vanuatu (1376) Aug

Jesus Film Urban Mountain Adventure North 2 (1403) Sep

Jesus Film Urban Mountain Adventure South (1407) Nov

Justice Team

Lake Tahoe

Lebanon (MidSouth)

Lebanon (MidSouth) 2-Week TREK

Lifelines Patagonia Expedition

London (PSW)

MK2MK Xtrack Summer


Miami - High School

MidSouth Men's Summer Mission

Middle East (Red River)

Middle East 1 - GCU Reclaim (PSW)

Middle East 2 - GCU Yalla (PSW) (copy)

Middle East: Whitestone (PSW)

Milwaukee Employment Initiative

Montenegro (Great Lakes)

Nations: Blackfeet Indian Reservation

New York City - Campus


North Africa (Red River & Grace Bible)

North Myrtle Beach

Northern Ireland : Belfast (SE)

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, New Jersey

Ozark Lakes

Peru (Upper Midwest)

Philadelphia - Mission Liberti

Portugal - Lisbon (Red River)

Portugal-Lisbon Spring (High School Ministry)

Portugal-Porto Spring (High School Ministry)

Pre-Med/Pre-Pro Healthcare Mission

Puerto Rico (Mid-Atlantic)

Puerto Rico PSW B

Puerto Rico-Mayaguez (High School Ministry)

Rocky Mountain Adventure (Lifelines)

Russia - GCU (PSW)

Russia: Moscow (Red River)

Russia: Moscow (GNW)

Sam's Place 4.5 week (Mid-Atlantic)

San Diego Adventure

San Diego Launch - Quarter Students

San Diego Launch - Semester Students

San Francisco Bridges Summer Mission

Sandstone (Upper Midwest)

Santa Monica Summer Mission

Senegal (MidSouth)

Slovakia Speak Out (GPI)

Slovenia (Great Lakes)

Slovenia-Ljubljana (High School Ministry)

Smoky Mountain Summer Mission

South Africa: Pretoria (NE)

South Asia

South Asia Ancient Gardens (Midsouth)

South Asia Ancient Gardens (Midsouth) 2 Week Trek

South Asia TAMU (Red River)

South Asia: Sacred River (PSW/SE/GPI)

Southeast Asia (Epic Movement)

Spain-Granada (High School Ministry)

Spain: Lifelines Camino Expedition

StoryRunners - Bible Storying Experience - Spring Break

StoryRunners - Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Sweden (MidSouth)

Sweden (MidSouth) 2-Week TREK

Tanzania (Upper Midwest & High School Ministry)

The Dunes (Upper Midwest)

Transform Arts NYC & Kansas City

Ultimate Training Camp Colorado

Ultimate Training Camp Twin Cities

Urban Project - Los Angeles

Virginia Beach

Walt Disney World (SPRING SEMESTER Mission)


Wildwood (Epic Movement)

X Project Internship

Yellowstone Summer Mission

Zimbabwe - VisionTrust