Ambassador's Pledge

By Jessica Wicks
chicago-summer-project-465x280.jpg Chicago Summer Project 2008 is half over -- here we are all together, students and staff members -- but for the second half of the project, only students remain.

Thursday, July 10

For the past 5 weeks the Chicago Summer Project has studied the book of Colossians. We've dug deep, both in our Bible studies and at our weekly meetings.

Reviewing the Book of Colossians

We've focused on what the author Paul was communicating to the Colossians as well as what God is saying to us today through this book.

Last night our summer project director, Grant Scott, spoke one last time on Colossians. As he reviewed the book, he reminded us of the main themes weaved throughout.

Colossians is about the preeminence of Christ. He is the center of the gospel.

As we internalize these truths, our lives become increasingly about 2 things: Jesus and others.

And as we live for Christ, our lives become about His priorities. Jesus came to seek and save a lost world (Luke 19:10).

The Ambassador's Pledge

Grant ended with a challenge to the students to practically apply this to their lives by signing something called The Ambassador's Pledge.

"I choose by faith to go where Christ wants me to go, to do what He wants me to do, to say what He wants me to say, to give what He wants me to give, to be a laborer in the Harvest, for the glory of Christ."

We gave students a chance to think and pray and process through signing the pledge, but it was just between them and the Lord -- they didn't have to turn it in.

Déjà vu From 7 Years Ago

The night brought back a flood of memories as I recalled signing a similar pledge 7 years ago as a student on a Campus Crusade summer project. This commitment means something different in the life of every student.

For me it meant saying "yes" to becoming a missionary, leaving my beloved home state of Colorado and serving the Lord in Russia, Orlando, Ohio and now this summer in Chicago.

Over and over again this commitment has reminded me to do what God wants, give what God wants and go where God wants.

When my life is about Jesus and others, it isn't my own. Of course I haven't arrived at this, but I'm learning and willing and incredibly blessed in the process.

I'm so excited about each college student that decided to sign this pledge last night. Their lives will never be the same. The world won't be either.