Short-Term International Missions Opportunities

1-2 Years

  • by International Human Resources (sometimes referred to here as HRX - Human Resource Connexion)

The main steps in the process of taking a Short-Term International assignment (STINT) are:

  • Complete all steps in the application process and receive confirmation of acceptance.
  • Attend Stint/Intern Kick-Off Weekend in April.
  • Develop a financial partnership team to cover the expenses associated with the assignment.
  • Attend Stint Briefing in August.
  • For teachers, attendance at a Pre-Field Orientation conference (PFO) is required.
  • Contact International HR for specific dates and locations.
  • It normally takes about 6-7 months from the time we receive a completed application (with all references) until a Stinter leaves for their assignment. (This includes processing, training, and support development.)
  • If a second year is desired while on the field, you will be asked to fill out Re-Up papers.

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