Jennifer Johnson Jordan

2010 Athletes in Action Hall of Faith Inductee

img_Night of Champions Hall of Fame Inductee--Jenny Johnson Jordan-465x280 Photo courtesy of Athletes in Action

Jenny Johnson Jordan, with her volleyball partner Annett Davis, finished ranked in the top 10 in season points each year she has competed on the AVP Tour since 1997. Together, they became just the second team worldwide to compete in 100 events together.

“Everyone has something they are passionate about and for me it has always been sports,” Jenny says. “I can remember at a very young age loving to compete, and when I was introduced to volleyball in 7th grade I was hooked.

“My passion for sports has provided many great experiences,” Jenny adds. “I’ve been privileged to compete for 3 national titles in college, professionally on the beach and represent the United States in the Olympic Games. It has also taught me many valuable life lessons about integrity, hard work and perseverance. But my athletic experiences and lessons learned pale in comparison to my greatest passion, living a life committed to the person of Jesus Christ."

“I used to think that God was a God of ‘dos‘ and ‘don’ts,’ but I learned that He is a God of love and that He loves me so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to this earth so that I could have a relationship with Him,” Jenny says. “By committing my life to Christ, I know that I have been forgiven of my sins, have entered into a personal relationship with Him, and will spend eternity with God.”

Jenny is married to Kevin Jordan, a former wide receiver on the UCLA football team. Their daughter, Jaylen, was born in October 2001 and their son, Kory, in June 2005.

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