Updated: Praying for Colorado

Colorado is suffering from a massive wildfire and our response must be prayer.

2 July 2012
Photo Courtesy of AP Images

Colorado is suffering from a number of wildfires. The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs has destroyed 18,500 acres and forced 36,000 people to evacuate their homes. Fires are also burning near Boulder, Ft. Collins and other Colorado towns.
We want to lift up in prayer the many Cru staff families based out of Colorado, our partner ministries headquartered near the Waldo Canyon blaze, and the countless numbers of families who are being displaced by the blaze.

Cru staff member Bridget Jenson lives in Colorado Springs and writes, "It's been super eerie for our community. We are fine, as we don't live close to where the fires are. But many people we know are impacted all over the city."

Will you join us in asking God to calm the fires and protect the homes, churches and schools in danger. Specifically pray for:

Update from our friends at The Navigators in CO:

Let's continue to pray fervently for all of the families being impacted by the wildfires.