Retired General Begins Leading Military Ministry

Long before Bob Dees became a 2-star general in the Army, he was a new cadet at the U.S. Military Academy.

The student at West Point was a Christian, but he wasn't living his life fully for Jesus. Then, in 1968, Bob and his girlfriend, Kathleen, met Campus Crusade for Christ staff couple Andy and Gail Seidel, and things changed.

The Seidels taught him how to walk with God, and over 4 years, they invited Bob and Kathleen over for "probably several hundred meals," Bob says. Through Campus Crusade, he learned how to take advantage of opportunities to tell others about Jesus.

At graduation, Bob was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant. A year later he married Kathleen. Together they traveled with the Army to Washington, D.C., Korea and Germany.

"For 31 years the government paid for our 'missionary trips' around the world." says Bob.

He retired, then worked as an executive at Microsoft.

That's when Gen. Dick Abel, director of Campus Crusade's Military Ministry, asked Bob if he would take his place.

"He first said no, then he came back and said yes," explains Gen. Abel. "It's very, very clear God anointed and called Gen. Dees and Kathleen."

In the Army, Bob led more than 18,000 American troops; through his new role, he directs the ministry to all American military branches and 21 international militaries as well.