If You Are a Christian ...

What's true of you if you're a follower of Jesus? Learn 5 exciting aspects about your identity.

Used with permission from www.godsquad.com, a part of the Campus Crusade family.

If you are a Christian, then:

God's Spirit lives in you

Revelation 3:20 (A picture of your new relationship with Jesus if you've placed your faith in Him.)

You are forgiven

God changes you

As you get to know God better and continue to follow His plan, God will change your life and character through the Holy Spirit.

You live for Christ

Living for Christ is a lifelong process. God will give you the ability to follow Him as you trust in His promises and obey Him.

Your faith and trust in God will continually develop

This process of knowing God better and experiencing His love and plan is developed by:

To Think About:

  1. In light of these truths from the Bible, are you a Christian?
  2. What would keep you from committing your life to Jesus Christ?
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