Polish Businessman Discovers the Apex of Life Over Dinner

  • by Chris Sneller

Darek Choromanski's priorities were simple: first work then everything else. But two years ago, the Polish businessman changed.

At an evangelistic dinner in Warsaw hosted by Executive Ministries, Cru's work with business executives, an elderly gentleman with unusual priorities spoke.

The most important thing in life, he said, was knowing God.

Previously Darek believed that God graded on a bell curve. Do better than others, and God will give you the bonus points to qualify for heaven. That night he learned the truth: He was a sinner in need of Christ's rescue. "I opened my heart to God at that meeting," says Darek, "and asked Him to come into my life and work in me till the end of my days."

After receiving Christ, he changed. "My wife and sons have also noticed the change," he says. "I have learned how to show them love." He also learned that work is not the apex of his existence.

This year Darek and his wife, Bozena, are co-hosting an evangelistic dinner. He wants other business leaders to see their priorities in light of eternity.