Spiritual Search Leads College Student to Find Freedom

French university student discovers forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ.

  • by Bill Sundstrom

At Cru's New Year's Camp held in a small town in the French Alps, 87 university students were challenged to be a witness to the world. One afternoon, students had the opportunity to put this into action, as they went into town and showed people short films on laptop computers.

A highlight of the camp came when Lisa, a student from Nantes, committed her life to Christ. For several weeks, Lisa had been talking to Max, who lives in her residence hall, and asking deep questions about what it means to have faith in Jesus. Shortly before the New Year's Camp, she told friends with Cru that she wanted to attend so she could "take the last steps toward God."

On the second evening of the camp, after a long talk with other Christian students, Lisa went out and looked at the mountains. She realized only God could cleanse her from the "mud" in the depths of her soul, and she surrendered to His love.

After she prayed and received Christ, a ray of moonlight pierced the clouds. "I saw this as a sign of God's presence at my side," she later told friends. On New Year's Eve she told everybody about her new relationship with Christ.