Christmas Breakfast Creates Environment for Spiritual Interest

Evangelistic event French women to invite friends to hear the gospel.

  • by Marie-Carmen Didier

In France, there are not many opportunities for women to interact spiritually, so a "space" was created where Christian women could invite their friends, colleagues and neighbours to hear the gospel in a welcoming and neutral atmosphere.

A Christmas breakfast was held in Rennes with the objective of attracting 100 women, a sizeable crowd for the ministry in France.

And 103 women registered.

Christian women came from about 10 churches. The Christmas story was told, and the gospel was clearly explained. The women in attendance enjoyed the program. Some of the women wanted a copy of the talk to give to someone else. Several even wanted to know more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christians dared to invite their friends, not knowing how they might respond. One woman invited 10 people, and all 10 attended. Another event is being planned for the future.

It is very significant to see women inviting their contacts to an evangelistic event because evangelism can be difficult in France. This gathering shows this is not true -- French women are interested in hearing about God.