JESUS Video Distribution Warmly Received by Residents

Team of 30 people deliver nearly 1,000 JESUS videos to residents in a Tampere neighborhood.

On a cool night in October 2003, 30 people began taking the message of Christ to the bustling industrial town of Tampere in Finland. The local parish wanted to reach young people moving into a new suburb, few of whom attended church, so they arranged a JESUS video distribution.

By the end of the week, the team had visited 1,400 homes, and more than 800 people had accepted a video, promising to watch it with their friends or their children. Everybody seemed pleased that the parish would give such a gift, and several came to a special follow-up meeting to discuss the message.

"This was a good, encouraging experience," said Pastor Asko Peltonen, one of the organizers. "We were surprised that people who answered the doors had such a warm response."