Commitment to Prayer Builds Momentum in Finland

Several 2005 prayer events spark spiritual interest on college campuses.

Shortly after Hannu Hatanpää got involved in Logos Ministries, Cru in Finland, God gave him a desire to see prayer cells and a network of intercessors spring up around the University of Turku.

"We will pray until everybody knows somebody who is truly a Christian," says Hannu, who studied management and leadership. "I'm really convinced that if something big is going to happen, like many people getting a personal relationship with God, the Holy Spirit will have to come. We need a spiritual breakthrough."

So Hannu and others organized a week of prayer and fasting in February 2005, a week of 24-7 prayer in May 2005 and 5 weeks of non-stop prayer that Fall.

As the prayer movement snowballs, the Holy Spirit is indeed showing up, and students are getting excited about Jesus. For example, when Anssi, a student in Turku, explained the gospel at a meeting, 14 of 20 people present indicated decisions to receive Christ as their Savior.

The next step will be a nationwide prayer and fasting conference in Fall 2008. Hannu, now a staff member, hopes God will bring a representative from every town and village in the country, in order to pray for the nation.