Tea Distribution Opens Conservations About Christ

  • by Jennifer Abegg

A cup of tea? That's what helped Cru staff members in Kosovo to reach out to Kosovar refugees during the war there.

The staff members distributed cans of the national beverage to university students to show their concern and spread the gospel.

One month after handing out the cans of tea at one university, an Albanian staff member, Kejdis Bakalli, introduced himself to a dorm resident.

The student heard Kejdis mention "New Life Institute," the name of Cru in Albania, and pointed to the label on his can of tea.

"Did you pray for the Kosovars during the war?" he asked, in reference to a statement on the label of the tea can.

Kejdis said, "Yes," and the two immediately got into a deep conversation about faith in Jesus Christ.

One month later, the staff members planned an outreach, and more than 700 students attended. After the event, students surrounded the staff members to ask questions about Jesus.