New Zealand Earthquake

All Cru Missionaries are safe, praying for opportunities.

Updated 27 February 2011

From Alan Hayes, Student Life (the Campus Ministry) Mission Projects and National Administration

Firstly we are blessed to have made it through the earthquake very well. There isn't much damage to our house.

Shannon (Alan's wife) was at home and fell over the couch trying to get to the back of the house where 1-year-old Samuel was having a nap. Samuel was awake with a "what's happening look" on his face as the cot rolled across the room.

I was at the old work office bumping into a colleague as we ran for the door. Part of the ceiling fell in and our screen for video conferencing with our Auckland office fell and broke. We don't know if the building our office is in will survive.

University is closed at present so our Canterbury team is taking a shortbreak till next week. Please pray that this time people living in the area will become more open to think about what is important and where is God in all of this.

Pray we have wisdom on how to use the opportunities to serve at this time.

From Darin Bufkin, Student Life Leadership Director in New Zealand

We are doing ok today. It is surreal in a lot of ways- the death toll keeps rising in the central business district, but in our part of the city, things are getting somewhat back to normal.  You go to the grocery store and there is rubble all over the street, but you just drive around it, park and go in.

We still have to boil our water, but we can use the toilets again and power is working fine. I will have to wait and see how things progress with our office. Not sure if it is safe to go into or not.

We are just waiting to see how things go with the schools and if they will re-open soon or not. We also keep riding out aftershocks. We had a 4.2 and 4.3 just a few minutes ago.

I think the stress is telling a little on us all, but things are slowly getting back to "normal."

24 February

A recent 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand has killed an estimated 75 people but all of our missionaries have been accounted for and did not sustain significant damage to their homes.

While much of the city lost power and water, the whole staff team still has both.

Our National Director in New Zealand reports that all of our staff members in Christchurch are safe.

Staff member Lauree Cross writes, “So weird that so many areas of Christchurch have been affected, others very little. We all have a roof over our heads, power to boil the kettle for a hot drink and to watch the news on TV as we see this quake and it's wake unfolding further. We are safe, we are warm, we are together, and considering the circumstances are doing amazingly well.”

This is the second earthquake to hit Christchurch in the last 6 months.

The New Zealand staff team appreciate your prayers for the city and for the 11 campus ministry staff members working at Canterbury University in Christchurch.

The "uni" is closed for the foreseeable future, so the staff members are praying for opportunities to serve in other ways.