Why They Call Me "Joe Fire"

Man from Fiji sets and reaches incredible goal.

  • by Josefa Rokosawa Muriwaqa with Chris Lawrence

Several years ago, I had an idea: to share my faith with 365 people in one year. Since there are 365 days in a year, it seemed to make sense.

I made this goal not long after I became a staff member with Cru in 1986. I had become a Christian while working at the local fire brigade -- that is why people call me "Joe Fire," or maybe it's because of my fire for the Lord? I quickly learned that evangelism was a spiritual gift of mine and certainly a passion.

To my surprise, that first year I set my goal of telling 365 people about Jesus, God used me to share my faith with 448 people and 250 of them prayed and received Christ. I decided to increase my goal each year.

I share my faith with the people everywhere I go: on the road or inside a plane. This past Saturday, I sat next to a friend of mine on the mini bus on the way to Nausori. A specific Scripture came to my mind and I shared with him-the gospel of God's love and forgiveness. He prayed to accept Christ, right on the bus.

Usually when I talk with people, I use the Four Spiritual Laws or Evangel Cube, to tell them about Christ. I challenge them, that they can trust God through a prayer of faith.

This past year I increased my goal to 3,000 people and fell short of it. But that is not what is important. I communicate my faith with people as a result of my love for God. The more I love God, the more I want to share him with others. In Matthew 22, Jesus says the greatest commandment is "to love your neighbor as yourself." Especially as I read about God's love, I am motivated to share him with others.

When I tell people about Jesus, it's not the quantity, but the quality that God looks for -- the ones who are genuine and serious. Even if I don't achieve the results, it does not discourage me. After all, we are just instruments. It's the Holy Spirit who convicts people of sin and changes lives.

This next year, I hope to reach my goal.