Passion for Purity

An Australian Student Commits to Honor God with His Life.

  • by Tez Brooks

Max is 21 years old and single. It’s 2010 and he’s a virgin and proud of it.

It wasn’t always like this for Max. Although he believed in God, he wasn’t raised in a Christian home. As a young teenager he was obsessed with materialism and girls. “All I could think about was girls and making sure I was successful when I grew up,” says Max.

Sitting in a high school assembly one day, 14-year old Max remembers hearing a tough rodeo guy talk about the consequences of premarital sex. It was Chris from Athletes in Action and he shared his own story of purity to the shocked crowd of teens. Max was stunned. “There’s no way I’m waiting for marriage. This guy is a loser!” he thought.

Months passed but Max still couldn’t get the message out of his head. It kept nagging at him. A seed had been planted. “The logic of what Chris taught was reasonable. He didn’t use religious jargon to defend his message. He just stated facts about how giving yourself to someone outside of marriage affects you negatively and how good it was to wait. So I did, just because it seemed like the smart thing to do.”

About a year later Max was invited to attend a church service. He kept going and eventually prayed and received Christ. However, it wasn’t until he started attending college that he got serious about his walk with Jesus.

As he settled into college life, he saw many young adults suffering the consequences of wrong choices. Max was grateful for that school assembly years earlier. The message that Chris was brave enough to teach had caused a chain reaction in Max that led him to where he is today.

Max meets many guys who probably wouldn’t share his passion for purity. Still, with God’s grace he is waiting patiently to meet and marry the love of his life. Meanwhile he’s found something to give away that’s far more valuable than his virginity. The message of Jesus.