Women Unite in Prayer at International Conference

Over 40 countries represented at women's prayer and fasting event held in South Korea.

During the summer of 2006, Korea Cru hosted the first Esther-Korea International Women's Prayer and Fasting Conference at the Osanri Choi Ja-Sil Memorial Prayer Mountain in Paju City, South Korea.

The Yoido Full Gospel Church, located in Seoul, established the Prayer Mountain in 1973 as a secluded location for meeting with God. Approximately 2,000 women from more than 40 countries attended the event.

Korea Cru's National Director Emeritus, Joon Gon Kim, challenged the participants to unite as "sisters of Esther," fasting and praying as the Jewish people once did for 3 days at the request of the biblical Esther.

The focus of the conference was to pray for the host country, global crises and world missions; it was the first prayer conference to be managed entirely by women for women.

Special Prayer Style Encourages Attendees

The women were blessed not only by the opportunity to meet in a place long dedicated to spiritual purposes, but also by the experience of hearing so many people pray in the Korean style, where individual prayers are said aloud as one body.

Vonette Bright, co-founder of Cru and keynote speaker at the event, compared the experience to Revelation 19:6, which says, "Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: Hallelujah, for the Lord God Almighty reigns!" Vonette says, "I experienced again hearing the praying people as a roaring current of the ocean hitting the shore."

Conference Activities Inspire Prayer Movements

Additionally, workshops and dedication services were conducted at the conference. All of the women in attendance committed to coordinate small groups to pray for the fulfillment of the Great Commission and made covenants to spread a world-level prayer agenda to more women. Many returned home and started 31-day prayer chains immediately following the conference.

Delegates from Taiwan Cru were so inspired by the conference that they started what they called the "1100 Prayer Movement." Desiring intercession for their nation, they mobilized Christians to spend 100 minutes in prayer for one month.

Many who attended the conference continue to trust God to bring more people to salvation through Jesus. Ben Jennings, the international planning coordinator of Cru's prayer ministry, looks at last summer's gathering as a precursor to great things to come. "The fruit of the conference bears marks of enormous harvest multiplication in the future," he says.