Businessman Learns from Failure

  • by Becky Hill

José Luis Lopez thought he had failed at everything. His business partner had stolen their $2.5 million business, and his marriage was falling apart. He had become a Christian just six months before, but he had lost hope in God.

"I would cry," José remembers, "and I was very depressed and confused about why the Lord would take all these things away. But now I see that He did it to change me."

A friend convinced José to attend a Maximizers business seminar, conducted by Layo Leiva, director of Cru in El Salvador.

"When I met José," remembers Layo, "he was a destroyed person. He wouldn't even look at anyone in the eyes."

Layo taught about solving problems, living by convictions and being a person of character. "It's basically the Book of Proverbs put in a professional type of language," says Layo.

José listened attentively throughout the seminar and attended four follow-up sessions. And his life began to change.

"I was feeling like a victim," says José, "but I saw that I needed to take control of my life. Now I want to work for the Lord."