450 Indicate Decisions to Accept Christ During Medical Mission Trip.

  • by Jennifer Abegg

Though the U.S. government bans most Americans from going to Cuba, medical professionals involved in Cru's Medical Strategic Network received an exception.

About 60 physicians and nurses went on a medical mission trip and explained the gospel to 700 Cuban patients, patients' families and hospital workers last November.

Dr. Greg Bonnen, a neurosurgeon from Houston, met a seriously ill Cuban neurosurgeon. During a conversation, Dr. Bonnen asked if he believed in God. The Cuban said he did, but didn't understand why God allowed suffering.

"He appeared to be seeking, but was struggling with the natural question of why God allows bad things to happen," says Dr. Bonnen. He recounted some of his own hard experiences, and how he gave the burden to God. The Cuban became more interested. Dr. Bonnen told him about Jesus; the Cuban accepted Him as his Savior. Excited, he introduced his wife to Christ.

In all, 450 Cubans indicated decisions to accept Christ during the medical mission trip.