Surprise Tears at Fundraiser

  • by Jennifer Abegg

Glenn Kehler wasn't supposed to become a Christian. At least not at the breakfast he attended.

Staff members of Cru in Canada were looking for an effective way to reach people of all demographic profiles. So they began the Power to Change campaign.

Through Power to Change, Canadians in most provinces heard the gospel in some way. More than 6 million Canadians have been affected by Power to Change, says Barry Bowater, the campaign director.

"We have four ways to take advantage of Power to Change," says Nathan Hildebrandt, Saskatchewan provincial coordinator. "The 1-800 number [in television commercials], churches doing special events with permission to use the Power to Change logo, door-knockers and personal opportunities."

In order to fund the commercials, Bibles, CDs and evangelistic booklets, Nathan and his group needed to raise a half a million more dollars. So they held a fundraising breakfast that Glenn attended. At the end, he approached Paul McDonald, who works with Power to Change. Glenn was crying.

"Glenn," Paul asked, "what happened?" Glenn said he had heard truths about God that he had never known before. So, Paul explained the gospel to him. Glenn asked Jesus to be his Savior.

Glenn told Paul later, "Now that I think back, when you invited me to this meeting, you said it would be about raising money. What I heard you say was 'Come find out about God.'"