Students Use $2,500 to Draw Crowd, Explain Free Gift of Salvation

  • by Jessica Wicks

Although Declan Bartlette didn't win the money, he still got something for free. Enticed by the chance to win $2,500, Declan attended an event at the University of Western Ontario titled, Is Anything Really Free?

The Cru group that hosted the evangelistic outreach hoped to attract students who were usually apathetic to the gospel. They knew the money would motivate some to come hear their message.

"We thought, Why don't we debunk the myth that Christians always want your money?" says Eric Humphrey, a staff member at the Canadian university. "Let's give money away."

The evening started with the drawing for the $2,500 check -- all of which was donated by Christian students involved with the group.

Following an intermission, a pastor spoke about God's free gift through Jesus Christ. "The intermission was so that there didn't seem to be any trick," says Eric. "You could just come, try and win the money and leave."

About 400 students stayed, and 37 left their names so they could be contacted again. Declan was one of these students. The freshman music major had been searching for answers about God. Later, when meeting in his dorm with a staff member, he accepted Christ.

Declan not only received God's free gift of salvation, but now he is also eternally richer.