Lives Under Construction

A group of business owners who uniquely care for their employees.

  • by Jess Fong
Photo courtesy ByChavez

Rusty Burnett was intimidated.

For a year, he avoided the "interested in starting a small group" survey box after each event held by Priority Associates.

"I used the excuse that my calendar was already busy," says Rusty (above right). "And you always think of yourself as not knowledgeable enough to lead."

"Finally," says Priority Associates staff member Paul Barger, "sheepishly after an event, he said, 'I really gotta pull the trigger,' and we got a group launched."

After a few months of co-leading, Paul left it entirely in Rusty's hands.

Rusty now heads a group of 8 business leaders in Austin, Texas. All lead in construction, but they have another thing in common: They want others to know Christ, including their employees.

"It's a real encouragement," says Tony Keller, Rusty's peer in an architectural firm, "just to be with other men in the same scenarios, integrating belief into running a business."

Together, the men have developed a unique faith-in-workplace relationship. Each week they rotate between offices, taking turns to host lunch and discuss how to fluently explain their beliefs.

Many of them have moved from fearful to faithful, openly discussing Christ with co-workers and clients, even leading Bible studies for their employees.

"I have more confidence about the use of my faith in my business," says Rusty.