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How do you help international students?

Do you remember the first time you went to college or left home and were a stranger in your new setting? Do you remember the awkwardness, loneliness, and isolation you felt? Now add another stress of speaking a foreign language and being surrounded by people whose conversation and culture you barely know. All over the United States, international students are coming to study in our universities by the hundreds of thousands, and many are feeling overwhelmed.

Start a discussion about The Giver

The Giver is a gripping cautionary tale in the vein of young adult dystopian stories. Based on Lois Lowry’s award-winning novel of the same name, The Giver centers on Jonas, a young man living within a seemingly perfect community set in the distant future.

Back to School Tips

We all know going back to school can be a mix of nerves and excitement, so here are some tidbits of advice to help you stay on track as you prepare. Before you get to your campus Pray for a revival on your campus.

Why College Students Are Strategic

Teachable They ask questions. They consume information on a rapid level and can put an idea into action with proper motivation.

The night Zack stayed home from the boardwalk

Zack* packed up his bags and traveled across the country 2 months ago for the Jersey Shore Summer Project. He left with a desire to grow in sharing his faith.

A phone call couldn’t stop the gospel

On a busy summer day of classes at University of Central Florida, Adam and Ashley could have picked anyone. The scattered masses of students seated on benches and tables near the student union gave them a wide selection.

A Meal With a Coworker Changes Theresa's Life

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By telling his story, Martin realized he hadn’t committed to Christ

At the Indigitous conference in Panama, Sarah Perez, a marketing specialist and volunteer with Destino, heard about

Study Abroad with Cru

Study abroad … you’ve heard of it. Your friends are doing it.

2 recent college grads battle AIDS in Africa

Every 16 seconds, someone in Sub-Saharan Africa will die from HIV/AIDS. While Justin Miller was in college at Vanderbilt, he began to understand this grave problem.

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