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A phone call couldn’t stop the gospel

On a busy summer day of classes at University of Central Florida, Adam and Ashley could have picked anyone. The scattered masses of students seated on benches and tables near the student union gave them a wide selection.

By telling his story, Martin realized he hadn’t committed to Christ

At the Indigitous conference in Panama, Sarah Perez, a marketing specialist and volunteer with Destino, heard about

Study Abroad with Cru

Study abroad … you’ve heard of it. Your friends are doing it.

2 recent college grads battle AIDS in Africa

Every 16 seconds, someone in Sub-Saharan Africa will die from HIV/AIDS. While Justin Miller was in college at Vanderbilt, he began to understand this grave problem.

Why students lose their faith in college

A growing trend reveals that college freshmen aren’t just preparing a goodbye speech to their families, but to their faith as well. Conor Friedersdorf writes in The Atlantic, “[Freshmen] leave their church, the community incentives to attend it, and the watchful eye of parents who get angry or make them feel guilty when they don’t go to services or stray in their faith.

Modern day abolitionist in Austin

From an early age, John Nehme knew that the Lord was leading him to serve people on the margins of society. Growing up, his mother instilled in him that to love Jesus meant caring for those in need as she regularly took him to serve in local community centers.

Discovery changes volunteer’s ministry

It was miserable. We weren’t having fun and we weren’t seeing God move.

Comic Book Evangelism Tools

Two motorcycles fly almost recklessly down the highway. It’s a race, and the stakes are high as one rider tries to keep up with his friend, tries to ride with him through his valley of depression and suicide.

What can happen during a study break?

Sitting comfortably on blankets under a tree, three freshmen worked on their homework on a sunny afternoon at Appalachian State University. After praying, Lori, a Cru staff woman, and I approached them asking if they could use a study break.

What You Missed on New Year’s Eve

Whatever you did for New Year’s Eve, it probably didn’t change your life the way handful of events did for college students around the country. After celebrating Christ’s birth, thousands of college students packed their bags and traveled to their region’s annual winter conference with Cru.

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