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July/August 2015

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

“Water for Gambiza,” pages 12-22, is an encouraging story about a partnership between Chapin Baptist Church in South Carolina, Global Aid Network®, The JESUS Film Project® and Life Ministry Zimbabwe. Life Ministry staff member Phillip Tsingano coordinated this grass-roots effort with village churches in order to bring the community together. The result was more water and more food, thanks to a new water pump, a drip-irrigation system and a community garden. Profits from sale of produce help pay for local schoolchildrens' textbooks. This partnership brought the body of Christ together, served the community, and forged new opportunities to share the gospel.
Written by Emilie Vinson / Photographs by Ted Wilcox

In “Rest or Resist,” pages 23-25, writer Hope Forrester unpacks spiritual lessons that flow from Ruthie Delk's book Craving Grace. Sharing a “Gospel 8 Diagram,” Delk explains how believers can preach the gospel to themselves and offer their brokenness in exchange for forgiveness and acceptance. She offers a fresh look at how believers can retrain themselves to live out a healthy cycle of truth and leave behind the lies that often defeat us.
Written by Hope Forrester / Illustration by Ashley Walton and Matt Pamer

In “Hands of Fire,” pages 26-33, Cru staff member Dakota Tiger uses the Cru format to reach Deaf students at his alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Deaf himself, he understands the challenges and also seeks to bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing students. A sidebar offers tips to share the gospel with the Deaf.
Written by Rebecca Gonzales / Photographs by Guy Gerrard

Writer Rich Atkinson, in “Prayer Prompts,” pages 35-37, shares ways to creatively and intentionally talk to God. Advocating “prayer prompts” using everyday sights and sounds, he believes they can trigger spiritual response reflexes that immediately move our hearts to converse with God. The benefit is a life of prayer from overflow rather than obligation.
Written by Rich Atkinson / Illustration by Yau Hoong Tang





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