NEXT in Worldwide Challenge

January/February 2015

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

In “Now Showing,” pages 12-21, Cru Korean staff member Yura Park uses a media tool – short films – in a new way to begin spiritual conversations with South Korean students and connect them to faith in Christ.
By Ann Marie Winz / Photographs by Tom Mills

Writer Katie Berglee, in “Modern Day Psalmist,” pages 22-25, unpacks her process of learning from the Psalms to make them surprisingly personal and practical. Encouraging readers to write, speak and/or meditate using five 'R-words' (release, remember, record, rehearse and realign), she paves the way for us all to weave these themes from the Psalms, where our faith and life intersect.
By Katie Berglee / Illustration by Ally Pamer

In “Setting the Pace,” pages 26-34, Cru staff couple Mark and Dawn Michal balance family and ministry while leading a thriving student movement in Fishers, near Indianapolis. Wanting to make a difference in her community, Dawn reveals how depending on God has helped her effectively combine motherhood and ministry to high school girls looking for a safe place to share their hearts.
By Amber Wiley / Photographs by Ted Wilcox

Writer Emilie Vinson shares a transparent look at how the gospel connects to different parts of her life, far beyond the day of, or after, her conversion. In “Reframed,” pages 35-37, Emilie relates how she eventually allowed (and continues to allow) God into the broken places of her life in order to find authentic healing from His redemptive power. Bringing God into the painful areas of our lives, she asserts, paves the way for others to see Jesus through our stories.
By Emilie Vinson / Illustration by Ashley Walton