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September/October 2015

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

In “Quito Connections,” pages 12-21, Javi Guaman, who leads the ministry in Quito, Ecuador, exemplifies Cru's multiplication model. He and his wife, Andi, do whatever it takes to mobilize volunteers and then create opportunities for them to connect high school students to Christ.
Written by Anne Marie Winz / Photographs by Tom Mills

Cru staff member Holly Melton relates a fascinating encounter about sharing Christ with a “vampire” in Ocean City, New Jersey. In “Interview with a Vampire,” pages 22-25, Holly uses her testimony to explain how the Holy Spirit can speak through us, no matter who we come in contact with. She shares several lessons she learned to help spark spiritual conversations with people who are out of our comfort zone (or with people who we may be less comfortable talking to).
Written by Holly Melton / Illustration by Jacqui Oakley

At the 2015 U.S. Staff Conference staff members heard about a partnership between the Campus ministry and a community development agency in Portland, Oregon. Learn more in “Safe Haven,” pages 26-34, and meet lay believers Peter and Andrea Eversmeyer as they live and serve among marginalized residents in the Rockwood area. See how Cru staff members John Rozzelle and Matt McComas, and others, are helping build a thriving partnership with churches and community resources.
Written by Philip Long / Photographs by Guy Gerrard

Writer Anne Marie Winz, in “A Time to Fast,” pages 35-37, shares her experience and encouragement with readers concerning the spiritual discipline of fasting. Her “how to” approach is a script that believers can follow to help them slow down, be still and hear God's voice whisper to their heart.
Written by Anne Marie Winz / Illustration by Ashley Walton





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