NEXT in Worldwide Challenge

November/December 2014

Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.

“Hope on Wheels,” pages 14-22, is a faith-in-action story about Carrielynn Lund's desire to use her life's tragedies to share the love and hope of Christ to many marginalized citizens of Edmonton, Alberta. Volunteering with Connecting Streams, a ministry of Power to Change (the name for Cru's ministry in Canada), Carrielynn spends her days showing, in very practical ways, God's caring heart for people who have been bruised and broken by life. 
By Mary Leigh Keith / Photographs by Guy Gerrard

Writer Ashley Tripp, in “Better Together,” pages 23-25, shares a valuable discovery she made while in college – that while there are many opportunities to join communities, only life lived in a biblical community really helped her understand her faith. Surrounding herself with like-minded Christians not only strengthened her daily walk with God, but motivated her to share the gospel with others. 
By Ashley Tripp / Illustration by Ashley Walton

In “The Replacements,” pages 26-33, Lindsey Wilson College freshman receiver Blake Roberts regularly rotates positions with fellow football players on a depth chart that marks their performance. He also has his focus on moving up a spiritual depth chart – Blake and his friends are mentored by Athletes in Action staff members Jon Eagin and Rich Duffield. Together, as they mature spiritually, each young man continues to invest in other student athletes to help build a strong spiritual multiplication platform at the college. 
By Rich Atkinson / Photographs by Guy Gerrard

Writer Philip Long found a powerful antidote to his fear of chronic anxiety through the practice of giving thanks in all things. In “Practicing Thanks,” pages 34-37, he reminds believers that they don't have to divide life up into curse moments and grace moments. That the simple act of our will to look for God's blessings – not only in the big things, but also in the minutia of life – can steadily grow an appetite for a closer relationship with God. 
By Philip Long / Illustration by Sasha Prood