NEXT in Worldwide Challenge

September/October 2014


Below are just a few of the main features in our upcoming issue. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired in your walk with the Lord.


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In “Where's Jesus?,” pages 14-22, Cru staff member Beth Foster exudes energy and passion as she shares God's love by investing in relationship building among Thailand's professional women. This Filipino woman and her husband, Ray, work tirelessly to point Thais to Christ.


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Writer Paul E. Miller, in “Stack the Deck,” pages 23-25, tells how a deck of prayer cards can help reshape a believer's life. Offering ideas on building your own deck, Paul suggests that focusing one card per person or life issue affords us the opportunity to view that person or situation from multiple perspectives. His personal plan includes "putting the Word to work" by matching Scripture to individual circumstances and then watching God fulfill His promises.


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Auto-machinist Levi Boyenger loves to engage with and help students build their faith. In “Kansas Catalyst,” pages 26-33, this Cru volunteer relates how he seizes opportunities, in his off hours, to share his faith with students at Butler Community College. Through his efforts to build up a body of Christ-followers who would help him teach, mentor and train more students, the gospel is now being shared on four Wichita area campuses. His is a story of how God can use ordinary people who step out in faith to share His love.


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In “Suffering Together,” pages 34-37, Epic Movement staff member Vivian Mabuni shares a personal testimony about her life-changing diagnosis of cancer and how it deepened her understanding of the value of transparency and biblical community. Modeling what it looks like to invite others into your pain, Vivian describes how God can guide each of us through difficult life challenges, often encouraging us to share our hurts with others. She provides a tip sheet on how to be sensitive and thoughtful when approaching those who hurt.