Delanyo (Dela) and Betty Adadevoh

Vice President of Global Leadership, Area Team Leaders


Photo by Guy Gerrard

Delanyo Adadevoh became a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in 1980 as a trainer of new staff members in Jos, Nigeria.

Since then Dela has served in many capacities, including national director of his home country of Ghana, director of affairs for Southern and Eastern Africa, and international director for leadership development and vice president for Africa, the Middle East and Central Asian Republics. Dela currently serves as Campus Crusade’s Vice President for Area Team Leaders. In this capacity, Dela works with the leaders of the organization’s 12 global leadership teams to accomplish our mutual calling to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Dela has also worked with Campus Crusade's Christian Embassy ministry, focusing on diplomats in Zimbabwe and Nairobi, Kenya.

Dela was appointed vice president of Africa, Middle East and Central Asia in 1999, giving leadership to 76 countries and 2 territories. Dela and Betty are committed to providing resources for those hurting in the countries they oversee and have met with several country leaders in Africa to point out biblical solutions to some of the continental problems they face.

"The battle for Africa is fierce," Dela said. "Africa not only needs Christians, but also Christ-like leaders. And the openness to Christ is unprecedented. It is time for us to move with God to bring the good news to many who want to know our Savior, Jesus Christ."

Dela and Betty were married in 1981 and have 3 children, Elinam, Eyram and Elikem. Betty invests in the care and development of Area Team Leaders’ directors' wives in their region through phone calls, visits, handwritten letters and e-mail.

Dela has authored several books, including Leading Transformation in Africa, Revival and Spiritual Awakening, Approaches to Christianization in Africa and Religion and Government in Africa.