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Michael Treneer

International President, The Navigators

JULY 29, 2011

Whether you like the change of name from Campus Crusade for Christ to Cru, it is important that you respect and applaud the motivation for the change and the process Cru has followed. There can be few ministries in the world that have a stronger commitment to Christ or greater faithfulness and passion in advancing the Gospel than Campus Crusade for Christ.

I would encourage those who feel genuinely concerned about this to reflect on the fact that the earliest Gospel movement among Jesus’ first followers was known as “the Way.” The enigmatic ordinariness of this self description echoes Jesus’ own approach. He often referred to Himself as “the Son of Man.” This intriguing self description echoes a phrase used frequently in the Old Testament to emphasize the humanity of the prophet Ezekiel as well as the unique authority of the Messianic figure of Daniel 7. Reflecting on why Jesus chose this term rather than the more in-your-face “Son of God” points us to important lessons from Jesus’ approach to ministry. Jesus was not compromising by His sympathetic recognition of the prejudices of His hearers. He was clearly concerned to engage with people, to invite their questions, and position Himself and his ministry to open doors to the hearts and minds of people rather than close them.

His incarnation as a carpenter from Nazareth, His use of enigmatic parables, and His compassionate commitment to identify with and reach out to the lost have a consistent flavour which I see reflected in Campus Crusade for Christ’s decision to change their name.

With this same missional motivation, I strongly support them.

Michael Treneer
International President
The Navigators