Orphan Care Outreach

$47.50 provides food, water and the gospel for one orphan FOR A YEAR!  Here's how:

1) Food - $36.50 for One Year

In developing nations, many children survive on one or two meager meals each day. Your gift today will help a child eat nutritious food every day for a year.

2) Water - $11 for One Year

Children in poor countries often drink contaminated water just to survive. It’s their only choice. Your gift will provide a full year of clean, drinkable water, vital to a healthy life.

3) Gospel - Hope For Their Hearts

You can change eternity for a child in need, one who only yesterday was wondering if he would eat and drink. Children are far more likely to open their hearts to Jesus after their physical needs are met.

“Look after orphans … in their distress …” — James 1:27 NIV