Send Aid and Hope to Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan who have fled the civil war—many with only the clothes on their backs—now desperately need heaters. Whole families are living during the coldest time of the year in basements, garages, empty shops, makeshift shelters and single rooms.

With the help of partners like you, The JESUS Film Project can give these families special heating and cooking units to keep their “homes” warm and provide hot meals. Local churches and some relief agencies are providing mattresses, blankets, and cooking utensils like pots and pans. This critical practical need also opens a window of opportunity to show Arab families the love of Jesus in their heart language.

Last fall, when The JESUS Film Project reached out to these refugees with food and other essential aid, their hearts were warmed, and they were offered a gift of the gospel on film—a “JESUS” DVD.

Aid workers have said, "It’s not uncommon to hear a refugee say, 'Only the Christians are helping us.'"

Please help meet the Syrian refugees’ urgent need of heat for their homes right now. Aid workers can immediately distribute 250 heaters to families, as soon as the funds are available. Your heartfelt gift of $142 will supply a heater, a cooking plate, a propane canister and, for a refugee family, the opportunity to see the love of Jesus in their heart language through a “JESUS” DVD. Will you please prayerfully consider helping one or more families today? Any-sized gift will make a difference; give as God enables you.  Click here now to give securely online, or call toll free (800) 387-4040.

Your gift will help meet the most essential physical needs of a family torn by war, (Matthew 25:35-36), and also help open the doors to meet spiritual needs. Thank you for caring and for helping Syrian refugees tangibly receive the love of Christ.

Because seeing is believing,

Dr. Erick Schenkel
Executive Director, The JESUS Film Project