The Witness

A young man in the Middle East wrote the ministry about The Witness:

“The Witness has done a spiritual operation in me. I am changing day by day in my personal growth with Jesus Christ now. I was going astray from the biblical truths because of wrong teaching, but this book has opened my eyes. Thank you very much!”

Today, you have the opportunity to provide a Christian book to a seeker in the Middle East or somewhere else where despair and fear are common. Each $3.25 you give will provide ONE book that could change a life forever.

Because of a book, people’s lives will be changed for eternity!

One book really can make a difference in a heart. Like Hasan, a young man on the verge of suicide, words of truth can mean the difference between life and death!

One thing we’ve learned over our many years of ministry in closed countries is that it’s often easier to get books about Jesus distributed in country than it is to distribute Bibles.

Bibles raise suspicion. Or as one of our staff members in the Middle East said recently: Distributing Bibles can be problematic.

That’s a brave missionary’s way of saying: Distributing Bibles can be deadly.

But other books can move freely across borders and be distributed without raising suspicion. And thousands of people are crying out for Christian books every year.

You can help! — Only $3.25 will provide a copy of one of these books! Please join us in reaching others today.